Thursday, August 25, 2011


Autumn. In seven short days it will be September 1, which is also my first day of grad school. As much as I love Fall, thinking about it is giving me a headache. While my classes are only once a week, I hope to be starting a job sometime next week too (come on Barnes and Noble, you know you want to hire me!) and I will be trying out for Chicago's Roller Derby team (google it, the Derby is the other half of my life) this November. 

Where will I have time to read? Where will I have time to just chill? My biggest fear is not being able to satisfy all aspects of my life. If I work too often will I have time to finish all of my homework? Will school and work eat my schedule up so badly that I won't have time to practice for Derby? 

I guess it's time to learn how to stretch myself even further than I'm used too. 

Enjoy August you guys! 


  1. It's all about time management and balance :) You just need to work out a balance between working, school and your own time :) It's hard. But very necessary.


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