Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wish You Were Dead Review

Wish You Were Dead by TODD STRASSER

I’ll begin with Lucy. She is definitely first on the list. You can’t believe how it feels to be in the cafeteria and turn around and there she is staring at me like I’m some disgusting bug or vermin. Does she really think I WANT to be this way? I hate you, Lucy. I really hate you. You are my #1 pick. I wish you were dead.
The day after anonymous blogger Str-S-d wishes the popular girl would die, Lucy vanishes. The students of Soundview High are scared and worried. Especially frightened and wracked with guilt is Madison Archer, Lucy’s friend and the last person to see her the night she disappeared.
As days pass with no sign of the missing girl, even the attention of Tyler, an attractive new student, is not enough to distract Madison from her growing sense of foreboding. When two more popular students disappear after their names are mentioned on Str-S-d’s blog, the residents of Soundview panic.
Meanwhile, Madison receives anonymous notes warning that she could be next. Desperate to solve the mystery before anyone else disappears, Madison turns to Tyler, but can she trust him when it becomes clear that he knows more than he’s sharing?
The clock is ticking. Madison must uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearances . . . before her name appears in Str-S-d’s blog.(goodreads)



Wish You Were Dead tells about the strange coincidence of a mysterious bloggers wish for all the mean popular kids and the sudden disappearance of well...mean popular kids. 

This book...this book. I wanted to like it so bad but I just did not care about anything. The premise was something right up my alley. A mysterious bloggers wish comes true and a bunch of nasty kids get killed? Yes please! Sadly the execution fell flat. 

My main issue with the novel is that all of the characters are stereotypes except for the main character who is popular and as sweet as they come. She's perfect. Which is annoying when she is the only one who defies a stereotype. We have the rich bitch, the typical jock, the goth/punk/whatever and the angry lesbian. NONE OF THEM HAD PERSONALITIES. Which I partially blame on the use of the first person. 

The novel opens during a course of actions. Madison the main character and her goth crush are dropping off "rich bitch" Lucy when she is kidnapped. And from there the story develops. The main character does not give adequate background on characters, all we know is that "Character A" and "Character B" are friends but no longer. Why? What was the explosion that ended the relationship. My brain needs more information!

Also there are so many gaping plot holes. It's like the author had an idea, got bored with it, and expected us to forget as well. 

The plot itself was decent. Although a bit predictable, it didn't keep me from guessing. The ending is what rose my final rating from a 2 start to a 2 and a half star. It was clever and entertaining, but that doesn't make up for the other 200 pages I struggled through. 


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