Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When Copper Suns Fall Review

When Copper Suns Fall (Copper Suns #1) by KASONNDRA LEIGH

In fifteen-year-old Chela Prizeon’s city, alchemy is forbidden and angels hide among the mortal. With a deadly virus ravaging the globe, Chela’s nightmarish memories compels her to experience a past riddled with gloom, and now her brother is infected.

Chela’s only hope is the Caduceans, slayers sworn to protect the last seven Light Keepers and the ancient memories they share. A group led by the sometimes elusive, sometimes infuriating boy who intrigues Chela. But can she trust this boy with the mysterious past, someone who can influence her memories?

With the Caduceans aid, Chela races to defeat her rivals, to unearth dark family secrets, desperate to find a cure…only to discover the glutovirus is far more than a simple disease.

In this haunting debut, KaSonndra Leigh offers an escape into an intriguing new world filled with celestial creatures, fascinating villainy, high-stake choices, and a secret romance, When Copper Suns Fall, is a fresh and original urban fantasy—with a dystopian twist—that will take readers on an unforgettable adventure (goodreads).


KaSonndra Leigh's debut novel mixes angels, alchemy and dystopia and the hell result is one hell of a first installment!

Chela doesn't believe her brother's accident was truly an accident. Her determination to find out who put her brother Micah in a coma puts her right in the middle of a war between two groups which aren't supposed to exist anymore. When both sides are interested in her, Chela must fight to do what's right while investigating the secrets within her city and within herself. 

When the Copper Suns Fall is an original novel that blends dystopia and angels very well with dashes of romance. The novel is constantly moving both in exploring Chela's world and introducing new characters and conflicts. There was never a moment where I was bored, instead I craved more information and more interactions. One thing I wanted more of was development of the world. Chela's world and Castle Hayne was extremely vast so I would have loved to read more about it and its history. 

While the characters were numerous and lent to the plot very well, I wanted to know more. I felt that they could have  been fleshed out a bit more, especially Chela's Historian father who probably knows more about about this secret war than he has let on. Regardless I loved the characters and I can't wait to learn about them in the upcoming novel, especially the love interest Faris. Speaking of the love story, while both Chela and Faris were very interesting and strong characters I could not make myself care about them as a couple. 

Lastly, the writing style was quick to capture my attention and keep it. KaSonndra paints the world so clearly that I could imagine it actually existing in a near future. The characters were distinct and the conflict was well written out. 

KaSonndra Leigh's debut novel in her Copper Suns series is an impressive start in what will surely be a great series. With a complex plot and strong writing skills, When the Copper Suns Fall  is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 


  1. This one sounds intriguing--glad you enjoyed. :) And I'm glad FURY finally made it to you!


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