Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sorry I Suck!


Du Livre's been pretty lonely for the past week, and there is a reason for that! Boyfriend and I are MOVING TOMORROW! Yes tomorrow! So I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to pack and clean (you never realize how much crap you have until you have to pack it...I'm going to through away like half of our household). So expect the blog to be dead for just a few more days, at least until we get settled in and figure out how to get our router working at the next place. ALSO I'm starting a teaching gig in two weeks so I'm super excited about that. But with a new job comes new responsibilities so I just need a little time to figure out how I'm going to balance two jobs, blogging and summer school. It'll be hard but I can do it! :)

I hope all of you had a BEAUTIFUL Memorial Day! 

Gros Bisous!



  1. Awesome! Congrats on all the good fortune :) I understand being busy and moving. I'll be moving myself very soon because I close on my house the 15th of June! Hope everything continues well and good luck with the teaching job :D

  2. You don't suck! Good luck with your new teaching gig!


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