Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Dead of Night by Lynn Viehl

True love . . . and an undying obsession
Catlyn Youngblood has a secret life. Despite being a natural-born vampire hunter like her two older brothers, Cat has fallen for Jesse--an ageless boy from a centuries-old vampire clan.
Cat's job cataloging rare, mystical texts at a bookstore allows her to meet with Jesse alone every evening. But when girls who look disturbingly similar to Cat start disappearing from town, Cat and Jesse discover frightening clues to their whereabouts within the book collection. Together, they must stop a crazed man from realizing his dark scheme-- one that would claim Cat's life.

ARC provided by Netgalley! Merci!

When I requested this book I didn't know that it was the second book in the series, but after reading this book....I have no idea what the first book could possibly be about. 

Vampire Hunter Cat has a secret. She is dating a vampire. With her supernatural BF, they discover a mystery in hopes of stopping girls from disappearing. 

As you can see from my rating, this book was just not my cup of tea. I did not find the plot engaging, nor did I understand what was going on for stretches of text. To be honest, I found myself glancing over pages because it seemed unnecessary. Nothing felt connected. We jump from Cat sneaking around with her boyfriend,  to working at an old bookstore and to tending to horses with her family. There was no aspect of this story that I cared about. 

In regards to the characters, they all fell flat. The most interesting characters, in my opinion, were Cat's brothers who struggle to give her a "normal" life. Cat was all over the place and Jesse had the whole "Edward" thing going it. He seemed to only live for Cat and that just does not make for an interesting love interest (if I'm correct...he lives in a cabin in the woods?). 

The writing could have used some polishing, but I think my lack of interest stems from Cat's point of view. There was nothing interesting about her and I grew bored listening to her prattle on about her struggle between making her family happy and loving Jesse. 

In short, this book was not for me. 


  1. I know the feeling. I find myself not caring about the characters or saying "so what" to the plot. Great honest review.


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