Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Review: The Prophet

My name is Amelia Gray.

I am the Graveyard Queen, a cemetery restorer who sees ghosts. My father passed down four rules to keep me safe and I've broken every last one. A door has opened and evil wants me back.

In order to protect myself, I've vowed to return to those rules. But the ghost of a murdered cop needs my help to find his killer. The clues lead me to the dark side of Charleston—where witchcraft, root doctors and black magic still flourish—and back to John Devlin, a haunted police detective I should only love from afar.Now I'm faced with a terrible choice: follow the rules or follow my heart (goodreads).

based on review copy for MIRA via Netgalley! Thanks!

The Prophet by Amanda Stevens picks up right where The Kingdom left off. Amelia leaves Asher Falls behind to deal with some unfinished business in Charleston. The third installments answers some much needed questions and gives the reader more insight to our complex Amelia Gray. 

Resident ghost seer Amelia Gray returns to her hometown in Charleston to get some answers from her family and to determine if a future with Devlin is a possibility. We meet old friends and are introduced to new ones. While questioning her relationship with the haunted Devlin, Amelia promises to find the murderer of a ghost who has been haunting her. 

I really enjoyed this book, maybe more than The Kingdom. Amelia is back on familiar ground after she receives a mysterious text. In this book, we are reunited with characters from the first novel who are key players in the plot. Like I've stated in my reviews for the preceding novels, Amanda Stevens knows how to make a book spooky. While the plot is not complex nor is it driven by action, it is interesting enough to keep you coming back for more. And the plot is simple enough that you don't have try to remember what happened to who and how. I really enjoyed the pacing of the novel, I felt that it lent itself to the overall creepiness of the novel. 

The characters are exceptional as always. Amelia is a great complex heroine who does not let her emotions dictate how she reacts to certain situations. She is extremely logical but not logical to a fault. I feel like I am repeating myself because the same praise I am giving The Prophet can be found in my last two reviews of the Graveyard Queen series. Everyone is so real and believable, they react as you would expect a person in a situation to react and mirror real life every closely. 

I can't even talk about the writing without copying and pasting everything I have said in previous reviews! The writing lends itself to the creepiness of the novel and the writing style keeps the reader coming back for more even though this is not an action book. Stevens' command with words is such that you can easily digest the book within a day or two. 

I really enjoyed this novel and I hope that it isn't the last in the series! I can never have enough of Amelia and Devlin!


  1. Oh it takes place in Charleston! I will definitely have to check this book out. Lately there have been a few books I have found that take place in SC, which I think is cool since so many books take place in states like New York and California. The south deserves some love, too, lol!

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    1. I think the South is getting a lot of love now! I'm happy that authors are showcasing different parts of the US now, it's like taking a road trip without leaving your home! :)

      And and Amelia is definitely proud of her southern roots so I think you would like that!

  2. Do you have any idea why my html sometimes work and sometimes doesn't on blogger??

  3. this one sounds like the one that I want to read. It seems like it addresses my reservations.


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