Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teaser Tuesday [#13]

So TECHNICALLY I'm reading two books this week sooo: 

The Wolf gave me an eerie smile, all fangs, and his eyes glinted in the shadows. "I will be in this tale one way or an other, little prince," he warned. "Either as the great wolf that protects and guides you to your destination, or as the tireless evil that racks you through the night, haunting your steps and your dreams. I have been both, and such roles are easy for me to slip into. I leave the choice to you."

Page 59 (Nook pages)
The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

"They died to make sure that you could sit in your safe little house behind your safe little walls, watching the words of one jaded twenty-two -year-old journalist go scrolling across your computer screen. Think about that for a moment. They died for you. Now take a good look at the life you're living and tell me: Did they do the right thing?"

Page 8 (Nook pages)
Feed by Mira Grant


  1. You're reading FEED!! SO EXCITED! I love that book and the sequel is even better! It's a bit long until the halfway mark but it's so worth it!

  2. The Iron Knight teaser is really good!

  3. Both good. Especially the second one. Wow.


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