Monday, November 19, 2012

Review : Kill Me Again by Leslie Rule

In her dreams, her life was not her own. Awake, the threat of danger was real. Everyone said that she was crazy. But when Alexis dreamed of dying, she knew she had been killed before. And if it had happened once, it could happen again. From the author of Whispers From the Grave (goodreads).

Review based on ARC! Merci beaucoup Andrews McMeel Publishing et Netgalley

Alexis was always told that she shared a lot of characteristics with Nan, her aunt who disappeared when she was a teenager. It isn't until she starts having strange dreams about dying that she believes that her aunt was murdered, not living it up on a sunny tropical island. Who doesn't like a good mystery? Who doesn't like a story about reincarnation? And now you know why I requested this book! While the mystery was solid, I felt like this book tried to do too many things at the same time. We have Alexis dealing with her fear of water and uncovering a murder she witnessed when she was a wee' lass, the disappearance of her aunt, the disappearance of a current classmate, and then we have the love story. Yeah, it was a lot to focus on. While it was busy at first, Leslie Rule got a hold of her plot towards the end when it all started to come together.

I mentioned that there this was a very busy book and if could get rid of one of those elements, it would definitely be the love story. Alexis fixates on him, like any YA heroine would, and he comes off too perfect. There are some really interesting secondary characters though, like Josh's mom, Alexis' grandfather and the school faculty. 

The writing is solid, it DOES sound like an older book but that adds to it's charm. I would recommend this to any mystery fan, especially fans of older mysteries.


  1. So the main character's name is Alexis? I think I'm sold. Kidding. No but really, it drives me crazy when there are too many things going on in a book. It's better to focus on one or two things and do it well.

  2. hmm this sounds good, but like you I prefer my romance on the side..minus the insta-love. I do not mind lots of subplots if they make sense and the author ties them together at the end.


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