Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: Escape by Kenya Wright

A domina’s only purpose in life was to birth vampire children for the Quiet King. Any human woman with the domina gene spent their lives in the castle under strict rules and the guards’ watchful eyes. Brie has been a domina for two years. After witnessing the slaughter of babies, she plans to escape and seeks help from Samuel, a vampire known for aiding many out of slavery.
However, Samuel has only one policy. He won’t help dominas escape the king. The penalty is too high and their blood triggers powers in him that he doesn’t want released. So Brie is forced to lie about being a domina and Samuel is lured in by her blood. Something emerges within them that they can’t deny, overwhelming their every cell and igniting an all-consuming hunger that neither can flee (goodreads).

The plot is definitely eye catching. A Middle-ages-esque setting where humans are servants to vampire kings. This book really has some promise but it was just too much to squeeze into a novella. 

I really enjoyed Brie as a character, she was loyal and driven by survival-overall a good female character. The love story between Samuel and her wasn't everything I hoped for, mostly because I believe love stories should be fully explored, can't really do too much in less than 150 pages. 

What started off as a slow start really captured my attention towards the end and I'm curious as to where Miss Wright will take her readers in the sequel. 


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    1. Agreed! I need to be a better blogger and read her other book!


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