Weekly Wrap Up: Nov 2-Nov 8, 2014

Monday: GIF Book Tag
Tuesday: Teaser Tuesday (Isla and the Happily Ever After)
Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday (The Darkest Part of the Forest)
Thursday: Book Review - The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die
Friday: Unteachable




Forbidden by Kimberley Griffths Little [GoodReads]
Thanks SO much Jessica @ A GREAT Read. You're free to my shelf at anytime! :)

Of Poseiden series Swag Pack from Anna Banks

Atlantia + Team Below Necklace by Ally Condie [GoodReads]
Thanks Jess @ Gone with the Words! <3

My goodness, I have been soo busy this week, I apologize if I wasn't able to make my rounds around all of the blogs! As you can see, I got a lot of pretties! Much thanks to Anna Banks, Jess @ Gone with the Words, and Jessica @ A GREAT Read! You all made my week a little brighter! :)

Hubs and I saw Big Hero 6 last night, and boy, I haven't been in a theatre that crowded (and loud) in a long time! As for the movie, I enjoyed it, I thought it was cute, but hubs and I had a "fight" because I said I liked Frozen better than Big Hero 6. I thought that the characterization was lacking, and it really felt like a set up movie. The only focus is Hiro and his relationship with Baymax, the other four kind of just play second fiddle to Hiro's emotional development. Matt, on the other hand, LOVED IT. Like vehemently. o.O I think it's because he's a major Marvel fan. I like Marvel movies, but I don't really feel the urge to read any of the graphic novels. I think because I'm not a big superhero fan. I mean my favorite super hero is Batman, and he's basically the anti-super hero. And when it comes to graphic novels, I enjoy more indie titles like Sandman, Hack Slash, Revival, Alice and Wonderland and whatnot. 

Chicago is supposed to experience another polar vortex starting on Tuesday. This does not bode well for our winter. I don't know if you all know, but last year, Chicago hit -64 F because of the polar vortex, and if we're getting hit this early.....I don't think I can leave my house until March! Haha. 

Well I hope to interact more with you all this week, and I hope everyone had a lovely week at YALLFEST! <3 


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