Discussion: Amazon Reviews v Blogger Reviews

Happy Monday lovelies! As it is the holiday season and we're all looking for bookish gifts for our friends (and ourselves), I thought to myself...."what makes you read a book?"

There are so many great books out there, and every Tuesday I drool over new books via Amazon or in a physical bookstore. With all these new books coming out, I'm very selective for which books to actually purchase. 

I decide which books I want to buy based on you guys, my book blogging friends! Usually the cycle is: 

  1. Amber sees X BOOK on blog
  2. Amber religiously reads review and sees if there are some elements that she enjoys (fairytale retelling, mystery, witty banter, hate-then-love relationship, etc) then looks at the overall blogger review. 
  3. Amber goes to GoodReads and checks out what the rest of the community thinks of said book. 
  4. Amber comes THIS close to buying  the book, but then decides to sleep on it. 
  5. Amber sees X BOOK mentioned AGAIN on Twitter or on a Blog and says "fuck it all" and buys it. 
Like I said last week, I'm afraid of commitment! If I am going to spend money on a book (and not at a discounted price), I have to know that there is a 90% chance that I'll enjoy it, because I don't have enough bookshelf space for bad books. 

Now those are my two avenues: blogs and GoodReads. My question for you is: does anyone use Amazon/BN/any other e-commerce outlet? 

When you get an ARC, you get the standard spiel, "post review within a month of publication, spread book love via social media and make sure you post your review on Amazon" and we do it. We do it faithfully, but as a book consumer do you actually like Amazon reviews? 

Personally, I don't. 

There is absolutely nothing that I like about Amazon book reviews. Either they are super short and tell me nothing, or they are a book report with full on plot spoilers (without any warnings btw). I can always tell a Book Blogger review from your Average Joe Amazon Reviewer; in short, the Book Blogger reviews are way more organized. I may find a book through Amazon and skim the reviews, but I always end up going back to either Bloglovin to find reviews from bloggers I trust, or GoodReads. 

I have never made a purchasing decision based on Amazon. Ever. 

What outlets do you use to make a purchase decision? Have you ever bought a book based on an Amazon review? Am I being to harsh on Amazon reviewers? 

Tell me!


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