Monday, January 26, 2015

[Discussion]When Do You Know a Book Isn't For You?

I recently finished Crimson Bound, and it had all the ingredients to be a fabulous read for me. I was familiar with the author, it was a retelling (which I live for), and the premise had a lot of promise.

Manyatimes I sat down determined to make a dent in the book, when I'd look and and realize that I had no idea what I read. Not only that, but I had no desire to even continue. My mind kept wandering, "what should I cook dinner?" "Is my alarm set for the morning?"

 Then I started bargaining with myself. "Alright after I watch this episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, I'll read fifty pages."

I knew Crimson Bound wasn't for me as soon as I found my mind wandering to other things, including other reads. If I have to force myself to read a book, it's never a good thing. Usually if I can put a book down for more than 24 hours, that's a sign that me and a book aren't going to get along and we should just go our separate ways. But I'm stubborn. And sometimes I have hope that my reading experience will turn around once I get to that magical point in the book where everything turns around and I'm suddenly invested.

Yeah that doesn't happen too often

What are your tale-tell signs that you aren't going to enjoy a book? 


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