Monday, February 23, 2015

[Discussion]Does Book Blogging Take Away from Your Other Hobbies

I love being a book blogger. That's why I came back to it after a year or so hiatus. But I've come to realize that I've only had time to dedicate to book blogging. 

Like most people, I have tons of hobbies. I enjoy marathoning TV shows on Netflix, I read graphic novels (some, I'm SUPER picky about my graphic novels), I take pictures, I bake, and I play video games. 

Last October, my husband bought me Assassin's Creed Unity because I LOVE the Assassin's Creed series (for the most part) and studied French culture for like a decade. So clearly my initial reaction was

So we ran home, I hunkered down on the PS4 and played Assassin's Creed for about one hour before I put it aside. I haven't picked it up since then. Why? At the time I told myself that I had to get caught up on my reviews and reading and that I would get back to it over Winter Break. Winter Break has come and gone and I have yet to progress in the game,  because each time I thought about playing it, I thought of ten different book blogging things I wanted to do. 

Not had to do, wanted to do. 

The same goes for other hobbies in my life, I barely bake anymore, I have graphic novels that I haven't read in over a year (it's really pathetic), because I figure I would rather make progress in a 300-page book rather than finish a 20-page graphic novel. 

I still haven't finished season two of Orange is the New Black because I can't phanthom spending 8 hours in front of a TV and NOT read (like I did for season one). 

I feel bad for my other hobbies, I really do. My mind can't seem to focus on more than one activity at a time. I a big Disney enthusiast, and there are days where I can ignore blogging and books for the sake of Disney (Disney blogs, Disney recipes, Disney vlogs, Disney podcast), but I can't be apart of another fandom at the same time. 

Am I weird? Can anyone else relate? 

Does book blogging take up most of your time? How do you make time for other hobbies? Is my mind just weird? Talk to me people!


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