[Discussion] Blog Turn Offs

There are so many book  blogs on the internet and we all have different criteria when deciding which blogs who want to actively follow and comment on, so I wanted to share with you some of my  "blog turns offs" and what are some elements that turn you off to a blog. 

1) Music on a blog

I usually have like three tabs open, the TV on and Spotify playing when I'm perusing through blogs, and nothing is more unnerving than hearing music and you can't pinpoint where it's from. And let's be honest, it's never good music. 

2) More Promotional Posts than Original Content

Yes bloggers are book pushers and we enjoy having books pushed on us, but as a book reader, I want to know what made a book so special for you, and I usually can't find that in blog tours or book blitzes. An occasional tour or blitz is fine and dandy, but when I see four blog tours back to back on my feed, I tend to skip over them. :/

3) Dark Blog Designs

This is 100% me being weird. I don't particularly like to visit blogs that have a "dark theme" or are just dark. It reminds me of myspace and I don't like being reminded of that period of my life. 

4) Blogs that aren't about Books

I know that books are not our only hobbies, but I'm one of those people who doesn't like to mix worlds. If you have a blog that's book + cooks/makeup/non-bookish TV shows/Physics theories, I'm most likely not going to actively follow you. 

5) Snark

I love a snarky review as much as the person, but if your blog's general tone is negative, I'm going to pass. There's too much of that in the blogosphere in general for me to add it to my feed. 

6) Only ARC reviews

If I see that the only titles you are reviewing are ARCs, I'm going to assume that these reviews were written out of obligation, not because these books genuinely caused you have the feels. Review titles that you picked up yourself, review because you want to, not because you have to!

What turns you off to a blog? Do you have any pet peeves in common? Share below!

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