Monday, June 8, 2015

[Discussion]Red Hair=Special?

Okay I've been meaning to write this post since December of 2014, I told myself I would wait, that I was being too selective, but now I know I've got to say something or else I'll blow!

Red Hair. 

This year alone, I have read over six Young Adult books that boast a redheaded heroine. Red hair depicted in such language as "spun sun rays" and emphasized to indicate the "striking difference between skin and hair." 

 I get it authors, I do. Being a redhead is special, so how best to make readers understand that your main character is special, give her red hair!

Only problem is that it's played out now. Remember back in 2012 where every cover sported a girl with long flowing red hair? They have over-saturated the YA market once more!

Not even that, it's lazy in storytelling. By making such a fuss about about the girl's (notice it's rarely guys?) vivid red hair that looks like fire in the sunlight, the reader can already expect some  uniqueness. Why else have red hair if you're not unique?  Authors no longer have to go into detail regarding what makes her so special, nope, her hair is red so you should know that is is different and she is our savior!

I'm not knocking redheads in YA nor am I trying to disrespect authors, I just want more creativity in the market with the Chosen Female leads, is that too much to ask for?  

That and fictional boys need to stop falling over themselves at the sight of red hair. It's weird. I hope there are more things you like about her than her fiery red locks. I wouldn't even be moved to this post, but have you noticed that red hair gets more attention than other hair colors? When an author describes his/her female lead, there are at least five references to her hair throughout the book. 

Am I being too hard on redheads? Have you noticed an influx of redhead leads recently? 
Are there any physical qualities in characters that you're over? SHARE WITH ME!


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