Monday, July 27, 2015

Advice for Dating/Marrying a Bookworm

So you met a really cute boy/girl and you're thinking about asking him/her to go steady. Or maybe you're ready to pop the question. Realize that in this relationship, there will always be books (and probably cats). I have compiled a list of advice to prepare you for your future with a bookworm.

1. Understand that rolling over into a pile of books in the bed is your life now.  And no, you cannot move them. 

2. There is no such thing as "running into a bookstore/library real quick." You shouldn't wait in the car either, we might need another set of arms to help carry books. 

3. If you see that we're crying while reading, don't ask too many questions. Just know that we're having a moment and will probably need a hug. 

4. Expect to trip over a book at least once a day. 

5. We're easy to shop for because we just want books. Christmas? Books. Easter? Books. Birthday? Books. Your birthday? Books. 

6. We'll have book boyfriends and book girlfriends and they'll make us squeal and blush. Don't be intimidated, they're only fictional. :)

7. If it seems like we're ignoring you, we're not. We've just been sucked into a really good book. Try asking your question again in 48 hours. 

8. "You finished it already?" Don't act surprised. 

9. "Getting Ready for Bed" doesn't mean sleeping. It means "Let me read 100 more pages THEN I'll think about sleep"

10. We're going to bring a book with us no matter where we go. It doesn't matter if we're not going to have time to read it. We'd rather be safe than sorry. 

Do you have any advice for your significant other? List them below! My husband contributed quite a bit to this list, I guess he would know!


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