Saturday, July 25, 2015

Commenting Party - August 1-August 2

I don't you know about you guys, but I have been slacking on commenting on other blogs this summer, and I've have this nagging feeling that I'm not exploring enough new blogs. 

So what's a girl to do? 

I decided to challenge myself next weekend to dedicate my weekend to commenting back in the blogosphere, and you're all invited to join!

What do I have to do?

Saturday will be dedicated to commenting on new blogs. Saturday morning, I shall roll a die (/use my dice app on my phone, it's 2015 people) and that number will represent how many new blogs I'll visit. 

I'll roll the die again and that number will represent how many comments I'll have to leave within the 24 hours of Saturday. This doesn't mean that I'll have to leave X amount of comments per blog, just throughout the day. For example, If I roll 2 for blogs to visit and 5 for comments, I'll have to split up my five comments between the two blogs. 

Make sense? 

Sunday will be dedicated to commenting on old  blogs. Same spiel as Saturday. First roll the die to represent how many blogs you'll have to visit and roll again to see how many comments you'll have to leave. 

Luckily the numbers can't exceed 6 so it shouldn't be too hard!

Cool! I want to join!

To participate, just list your blog in the linky below (this will help others find new blogs too) and feel free to share the image above!  On Monday, you can write a wrap-up post on how you did (but no pressure, the important thing is to comment)!

Let's have some fun and spread the love! Have any questions? Ask me in the comments!


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