Monday, July 20, 2015

[Discussion]Are Your 3-Star Reviews More Negative?

I fee like most books I read fall into the "3-star" category, and even though the general agreed upon definition of a 3-star review is "good," I noticed that my reviews have a certain level of complaining and whining. 

For example, A Thousand Pieces of You, I gave it 3 stars but man did I go in hard on that book. 

So I ask all of you, what is the general tone of your 3-star reviews? Are they negative or positive? I've tried to write more neutral 3-star reviews because I see 3 stars as neutral, you neither loved it nor hated it; but I cannot seem to keep the snark or sass out of my writing. 

I figure it's not fair to be so snarky in a 3-star review, because even as my rating system states that "3-stars" is "good," my review sounds more like 2.5-star review territory. 

Do your 3-star reviews come off more positive or negative? 


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