Friday, July 3, 2015

She's Baacckk

Thank you all for your patience and well wishes during the most hectic month of my life. In case you were dying to know what my June looked like, I'll give you the cliff notes!

Late May, my husband and I find out that our landlord is tied up in some legal matter and unfortunately, spilled over to our daily lives. We were getting harassing emails, phone calls, and random visits from the opposing side's lawyer about a court case knew nothing about. He even went as far as to call my husband's parents in an attempt to make us more cooperative.

Obviously this was a very stressful situation, and we weren't given clear instructions or details from either party, so we decided that it was time to peace out.

My husband and I found an apartment literally three days ago and we were in the process of throwing away everything (it feels like) and moving the rest. I'm exhausted, but I'm happy to be able to finally relax and get back to reading and blogging.

So I'm back lovelies! It may be a slow return, but I'm ready to join you all in teh lovely world of book blogging! what did you all do this June?


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