Monday, October 26, 2015

Don't Fear the Reader: Halloween Costumes

Whoa. October just flew by, are we really on the last week of Don't Fear the Reader? 

With Halloween literally just DAYS away, our friends at Nick and Nereyda's Infinite Book List and My Little Pocketbooks are here to save the day with some bookish inspired Halloween costumes. 

Nereyda @ Nick and Nereyda's Infinite Book List 
Book Look: Winter by Marissa Meyer

This costume is worthy of a queen, I can't wait til Winter hits the shelves!

First let me say a big thank you to Amber for giving me a chance to say a bit on her beautiful blog.  Thanks Amber!  
When she asked me to do a guest post with a Halloween theme based on a book character I had no idea what to do.  Nothing came to mind.  I think it is due to the act that I don't read that many fantasy based books with unique characters.  So I changed it up a bit to center it around a few of the books I do read.  
For this fashion expose I thought about the female protagonist in the books I read this year and what would they wear to a party.  Everyone loves a party!  So let's take a minute to see what these women have thrown together for their night out.  

1.  Piper Kerman "Orange is the New Black"

First up is Piper for Orange is the New Black.  Her family and friends are throwing her a Welcome Home party after her stint in lock up.  Now that she is free I think she is not going to step out in a pair of pants or flats for awhile.  One orange dress that shows off her new jailhouse figure.  Check.  One pair of heels in a color she hasn't seen in person in forever.  Check.  New bracelet and a nude and color makeup check.  She would keep it simple.

2.  Precious Ramotswe "The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency

Next up we have Precious Ramotswe from The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.  She is celebrating a with a chic party with clients, friends, family and other business owners in the area at the biggest hotel in the city center.  She is now a hit and a busy woman.  Her little business is now one of the biggest in the county.  Precious is going to wear something that is Botswana chic.  Beaded African print top with a tight hip hugging leather skirt and a pair of leopard Louboutin is all she needs.  She is stepping out in high chic style.  

3.  Claire "Time Traveler's Wife"

Now we have the beautiful Claire from The Time Traveler's Wife.   She has great taste and loves simple but classic types of clothing.  But her wedding was an over the top parent pleasing spectacle.  Tonight she is going to her wedding anniversary party wearing what she really wanted to wear to her wedding.  Red bottoms included.  

4.  Ma from Room

Last but not least, Ma from the book soon to be release feature film Room.  She is getting all dolled up for her homecoming party.  She picked a blue dress the color of the sky and since she is a regular college girl still at heart she added a jean jacket to cover her sun sensitive arms.  Of course she needs a pair of heels because she hasn't had a new pair of shoes in years.  

This is my line up of great female characters on their party night clothing.  I know it's not a costume but I just couldn't help myself.  Is there a character who you just love and would love to see them all dolled up. 
Thanks again Amber this was fun.

Whoa, I love all of these! Especially Precious' outfit, she seems like a classy lady.

Thank you both so much for your creativity! I hope these costumes have inspired your Halloween costume if you've been at a lost.

Until next time!


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