Don't Fear the Reader: Monster Mash

We're getting closer and closer to Halloween, are you excited as I am? I sure hope you are, because today, we have some special guests on Du Livre today! Please welcome Jessica from A GREAT Read and Jenny from Supernatural Snark as they discuss their favorite paranormal creatures!

Jessica @ A GREAT Read
a GREAT read
My favorite paranormal creature would have to be the werewolf. It's true that vampires are my first love and they will always hold a special place in my heart, but somewhere down the line, I read a werewolf book then I found a few more and now I pretty much love them! Depending on which author writes them, they can be immortal themselves. They might never age, or age super slow. They're fierce and strong, powerful! And yeah, you can pretty much eat whatever you want and it will burn off the next time you shift into wolf form!
I definitely like the idea of the werewolf who controls her changes. One who isn't ruled by the moon! Again, every author tells a different story when it comes to werewolves
and their abilities. But another thing I like is their fierce loyalty to their pack and mate. Those are strong bonds and it might be the romantic in me...the one I sometimes refuse exists, but I like the idea of caring so deeply for another. One where the bonds are incredibly strong and near in-breakable! Of course, some books tell us that they can be broken! LOL!
My first werewolf recommendation is one all my old followers will know about and that is 13 to Life by Shannon Delany. It all started with me seeing this gorgeous cover and I was hooked! I didn't even read what it was about...I was just hooked! And it didn't hurt that the heroine was named Jessie! ;)
Another book that involves a werewolf who I fell in love with was Intertwined by Gena Showalter! Though be advised, the series is cancelled, BUT if you all BUY the book and read it and review it and basically use EVERY social media device available, I just know we can get that last book out of Gena!
Another old school werewolf fave of mine is The Wereling trilogy by Stephen Cole! It's ten years old now, but I found it to be one exciting and thrilling read!
And naturally, one I cannot help but recommend is Kelley Armstrong's Bitten! It's an adult read while the others were YA, but it's one of my faves! Elena is incredible character and it starts one of my most favorite series ever, the Otherworld!!

Thanks Jessica! I've truthfully never read a werewolf novel, so I appreciate your recommendations! Now let's see what the lovely Jenny recommends!

Jenny @ Supernatural Snark
Supernatural Snark
First of all, a huge thank you to Amber for letting me be a part of this event! Given my blog name you might be able to guess that I’m a fan of all things supernatural, so it took some work for me to narrow down a favorite creature.
My pick? Dragons. Give me dragons any day of the week and I’m ecstatic. If there’s even a hint of dragons on the cover or in the synopsis my fingers have whipped out my credit card and bought the book before I even know
what’s happened. (At least that’s what I tell my husband. I feel like he doesn’t always believe me.)I think aside from their size, their ability to fly, and the fact that they’re gorgeous in a terrifying I-can-kill-you-in-any-number-of-ways-if-I-so-choose kind of way, I like that they seem, as a fictional species, largely aloof across the board. Vampires have an air of broodiness about them–their long lives often resulting in tragedy along the way–and traditional shifters seem to be accompanied by a healthy ego more often than not (don’t get me wrong though, I love reading about both in equal measure), but the dragons I’ve read simply are what they are and if you don’t like it they’re not bothered by your opinion of them in the least. There’s something intriguing to me about a creature that will reveal only what they want me to know of them and no more, thereby piquing my innate curiosity and leaving me frantically flipping the pages to see if they’ll toss any more crumbs my way. Desperate for dragons, party of one.
While there have been a number of dragon/dragon shifter books in both adult and YA, I tend to gravitate toward the books that feature unusual creatures in addition to dragons, so my recommendations are as follows:
YA: The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey
Adult: The Novels of the Elder Races by Thea Harrison
I hope you give them a try!

Thank you so much for your recommendations lovely ladies! I am pretty weak in the supernatural genre and haven't read any of the books that you recommended (I didn't even know The Girl at Midnight had dragons)!

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