Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy December

So 2015 is just about over, when did that happen? November was a crazy month for me, how about you? 

Most of October and November were pretty emotional for me, which I think is why I elected not to do a wrap-up for October. I lost my job mid-October and I'm not someone who can handle being unemployed. Most of October and November had me being a bundle of nerves and anxiety. Luckily, this story has a Happily Ever After as I was offered my old job mid-November and I'm officially back at work! So I guess it's true when they say good things come to all who wait.

Besides that, I think my life was fairly boring. The Christmas decorations went up right after Thanksgiving and I'm trying to force the Holiday Spirit on everyone around me, despite the warm weather. That's okay, I'll drink hot chocolate and bake cookies in 50-degree weather regardless.

I brought back the festive holiday design for December, do you like it? I've still been still considering a more permanent blog design, but I'll probably have to think about it some more. Maybe in the new year? I introduced a new monthly feature last November called Amber Reads Her Shelves. If you haven't already, mosey on down and vote for the book you think I should read in December. Voting will close next Wednesday! :)

I'm also considering hosting a Read-a-thon for Black Friday next year. It's totally in the beginning stages, but would anyone be interested in joining in (don't worry, you have a year to decide)? 

I've had a lot of ideas for Du Livre lately, but I keep forgetting to put it on paper! I need to actually use this planner I bought!


10 books? I always think that I've read less than I actually did so this is a pleasant surprise! I read a lot of winners in November, I think my highest rated book was Winter

December is basically me scrambling to make my GoodRead's challenge (9 more books to go) and figure out my Top Ten books of 2015. It's complicated you guys, I feel like I read so many great books this year; I'm afraid for how awesome 2016 is going to be!

I don't have a TBR for December, I'm just going to read whatever I can. How are all of your GoodReads challenges gong? I'm sure most of you have blown it out of the water by now!

Have a great and productive December you guys! 


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