Monday, January 4, 2016

Presents and Champagne: December at a Glance

I gotta say, December came in like a lamb and out like a lion. What a whirlwind month!

It was difficult to get in the Christmas spirit thanks to El Nino. Chicago, which usually sees a good 3-6 inches of snow in December saw about maybe two sprinkling snow showers. Temperatures were pretty mild which was throwing me off. For me, it's not Christmas unless it snows! Besides the lack of snow, my December started off pretty well and the husband and I had a great relaxing (for us) Christmas Day. Tragedy struck my family twice in late December which wasn't the best way to close out the year.  The world keeps on spinning I guess.
I worked a lot on my 2016 Blogger Aspirations. In general, I'm happy with my blog, I still feel like it's mine and that I'm blogging for me, but it's easy to fall in the craziness of it all from time to time. The ARCs, the book events, all of it, so it was nice to just sit down and plan out what I wanted to do for myself in 2016. Like everyone, I decided to cut down on the ARCs and read more backlist titles, I also want to try my hand at hosting a read-a-thon and maybe even hosting a season long book challenge.My planner is all pretty and surprisingly, I've been on task for all of December. 

I read 12 books in December which really helped me meet my goal of 120 books in 2015. I managed to read 121 books, just because I could. Bam. My favorites this month were Their Fractured Light and Falling Kingdoms.

This year, I'm sitting out on a lot of reading challenges. For some reason my heart wasn't in it, so I'm only doing the Good Reads challenge this year. I hope to read 150 books. Pray for me.

Here it is TBR for this month!

Well, it's 2016 whether we like it or not. Have a good January all! 


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