Monday, February 15, 2016

[Discussion] Book Tropes You Love!

Valentine's Day may be over, but that doesn't mean that the love has to die! Sure, it's easy for us to gripe about all of the overused tropes in books - in YA in particular - but are there some tropes that you just can't get enough of? 

Here are some bookish tropes that always have me devouring books!

Kids Know More than Adults
This basically goes hand in hand with Young Adult novels, but I love when teens see something that adults can't and have an enormous impact on society. 

Hidden/Unassuming Royalty
Who doesn't love a girl who grows up as a pauper but turns out to actually be the long lost princess of some kingdom? It's always fun and I love how each author writes The Great Reveal. I also love tropes that have royalty hiding/masquerading as something they're not for their own protection. 

Enemies to Lovers
Nothing is more romantic than two people who come to love each other after initially hating each other's guts. Seriously, this will never be a trope I tire of. I especially love it because slow burn romances go hand in hand with this trope. 

Tortured/Dark Pasts
This trope is typically found in New Adult fiction and seems to always be the male characters. Doesn't make me like it any less, though! I love when a book can make me cry and it's usually these dark pasts that get the tears flowing. 

 Star-Crossed Lovers
I may have hated Romeo and Juliet the play, but I adore the idea of forbidden lovers! I love this one because it usually gets me emotionally invested and really tests the characters' love for each other. 

What are some book tropes that you love? 


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