Monday, February 8, 2016

[Discussion]Which fictional couple best reflects you and your significant other?

Whether you like it nor not, Valentine's Day is in less than a week (even though we all know the real party doesn't start until February 15 with the 50% off chocolate).

So let's start feeling the love early, which fictional couple best reflects you and your significant other? 

I've been told many times that my husband and I are very much like Andy and April from Parks and Recreation. It's funny because I didn't start watching Parks and Rec until a few months ago so I was just like "...k." and would walk away. Now that I've binged watched a few seasons, I can totally see the similarities. 

Matthew and I are...special. That's the word I use. As my friend says, it's like we're at an eternal slumber party. We're both children at heart (hence our multiple trips to Disney World)) but I understand April's stance on "I hate everything and the world is terrible." I'm extremely anti-social and introverted while he is the social butterfly. I could live my life with just books and wine, but he forces me into the outside world. 

Meanwhile, Matt is the bright-eyed child who believes only the best of people and is a giant lumbering weirdo. As we speak, he is staring at me while screaming that he has my foot and won't give it back. Yes we're functional adults. Sometimes I want to protect him from this world because he's so innocent and naive. Ooor I can make him hate the world like me. Yeah, I'll make him hate things.

I feel a very strong connection to Andy and April because of how much I see Matt and me inside of them. When they fight, I freak out because I don't want them to be apart or angry with each other. Because in my mind, if they can succeed, we can succeed. Yes, I know it's scripted T.V.

So who do you think you and your significant other best reflect? Single? That's fine! Which fictional friendship best reflects you and your friends? Tell me below!



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