Monday, May 9, 2016

Rain Showers and Pretty Flowers: April at a Glance

Howdy there folks, well another month bites the dust I guess! Whatever, as long as warmer weather is on the horizons!

I honestly can't think of one thing I did in April. I think I worked a lot. A lot a lot. I can't think of a single cool thing that I did in April. There weren't any holidays and there wasn't anything life changing. We just continue on and continue checking in with mommy during her radiation treatments. She said she wanted to go to Disney World after all of this was done and I would LOVE to plan that trip, but my siblings aren't being helpful whatsoever. So we'll see what comes of that. 

Something pretty cool happened in April regarding my blog. I reached 100,000 page views. I didn't think I would care as much as I do, but I do! Haha. It's just such a pretty number to see. I had planned to do a giveaway/celebration like WEEKS ago, but I fell into a blogging/reading slump (I didn't have any posts up for a week and a half) so I didn't have time to plan that one out. I'll probably have some kind of giveaway shortly after BEA/BookCon. 

Like I said, earlier I was in a crazy slump. I didn't want to blog, I think because I was reading some pretty mediocre books at the time and that didn't motivate me to read, blog, or even interact with you fine peeps on other forms of social media. It's been a weird year with me and books. I have yet to read a 5-star book this year. I've been reading a lot of 2016 titles and a lot of them haven't been my cup of tea. I think it's a sign that I need to read some of my own books instead of ARCs (she said, the week of BEA).

My favorite read of the month was Room and my least favorite was My Lady Jane.

It's going to be a stupid busy month for me. As I said, I'll be going to Book Expo of America and BookCon for the first time in my life. I'm super excited but extremely overwhelmed. I barely know what authors will be at BEA. And then the week after that is my 2-year anniversary with the hubs, then the week after that is the hubs' 30th (!!!) birthday. I hope I remember to breathe. 


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