Monday, June 6, 2016

Celebrations Aplenty: May at a Glance

It's finally summer! I had a busy, but good May. How about you guys? 


May kicked off with my first ever attendance of BEA. It was a blast and I got to meet some greet people and pick up some interesting books. I did a recap if you're interested in reading more! After BEA my days just kept flying. May 17 marked my two year anniversary and we went to Galena, IL to celebrate. It was a cute little historic town with a side of casual racism. But it's fine because we live in a post-racial society. *side-eye* 
My husband, Matt, also turned 30 on May 25 so we celebrated by having a shopping spree at the Disney store and having a BBQ. I've never known a struggle until I tried to maneuver around a bunch of kids during  a 50% off sale at Disney. Monsters, all of them. 

And on May 28, my mom finished her last day of radiation! Things are a bit tense and she's still in a lot of pain, but she's back at home!

I finally posted my giveaway for reaching 100,000 page views and I'm already somehow at 119,000 page views? I won't question it. I actually had a pretty month blogging despite being so busy. I honestly think that being at BEA revigorated me and inspired me. Remember how I said I hadn't read a single 5-star read in 2016? Well, the curse was broken in May byKings Rising. If you haven't read The Captive Prince Trilogy you need to get your life. 


I'm officially 12 books behind on my GoodReads challenge. Oops. My favorite read of the month was Kings Rising and I gave 2 stars to The Crown's Game, The Glittering Court, Ivory and Bone, and Unhooked. Yeah, it was rough. 

June is going to be another juggling act for me. We have to move apartments by the end of the month and it's officially the busy season at my job which means that I'm arranging for a lot of domestic travel for my fellow coworkers. It's hard planning for a trip you're not going on, I never feel well prepared. Anywho, pray I read a lot more books and I that my lowest rating for this month is 3 stars! 


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