Monday, July 4, 2016

Busy Times with Great News: June at a Glance

June was a whirlwind for me in the best possible way!

I kind of struggled while reading this month, it's not that I was reading bad books, it was just that reading couldn't hold my attention. I partly blame it on ACOMAF which gave me a ginormous book hangover, but we were also moving in by July 1. 

I made the decision to put a hold on book blogging which opened me up to a lot more reading (I'm still ridiculously behind on my GR challenge) and watching Copa America. I drowned my tears in Old Fashions as our boys got spanked by Argentina, but WE WILL COME BACK WITH VENGENCE! 

I told myself I would make time to watch Euro 2016 as well but as we speak I'm missing it. I guess this is why we have the internet. 

Husband and I found our new apartment in mid-June and we are officially all moved in. It's absolutely wonderful and I'm surprised by how quickly it felt like home. Even our cats got comfy in less than a day!

And now finally, The best thing to happen all month. 
Mama is cancer free! I haven't cried hysterically in such a long time, but it was all I could do when I found out to curl up into a ball and just have a good cry. So clearly now, we have to have a Mama Beat Cancer! Disney Trip. Oh yeah, it's in the works. 

I took a much-needed break from blogging. I'm probably six books behind in book reviews, but it felt good not to worry about posting every week. Although I will admit, I missed being apart of such a great community. 


My favorite read was A Court of Mist and Fury (I promise to stop talking about it soon) and my least favorite read was What the Dead Want. 

Having finally moved and gotten a few books under my belt, I feel comfortable about returning to book blogging. There is something about the summertime that makes reading so difficult for me. I may have to start listening to more audiobooks to keep reading, and thankfully the publishing world is slowing down. I've been reading a lot more romance and urban paranormal just for a change of pace and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed urban fantasy. It's a good palate cleanser for when I can't come to pick up a single YA book. I'm thinking about reading Nevernight as my reintroduction. Then again, I'm sure it'll give me a book hangover as well!

See you all soon!


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