Monday, October 24, 2016

My OwlCrate Unboxing: October 2016!

My birthday was earlier this month and I decided to try my hand at a subscription box. I had been looking at a lot of "unboxing" videos on Youtube and highlights on bookstagram, but I could never make myself commit to any box, especially since most of them are upwards of $30. So my birthday was a great time to test the waters. 
This month's theme was Once Upon a Dream and it boasted a Russian-inspired folktale and goodies from both Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz. As someone who loves all things related to retellings and fairytales, I knew I had to have this one. I guessed pretty early on that the book was Vassa in the Night (I mean, how could you not?), but I was really interested in the goodies it came with. I don't frequent etsy stores a lot, so I thrilled to get some book-themed apparel and other things. 

The box included a little explanation card of where the items came from as well as an OwlCrate pin. I had to resist dumping everything out which...I kind of still did regardless. 

The box included a nifty Peter Pan beanie from Whosits & Whatists which I am head-over-heels in love with. Seriously, I've been wearing it nonstop this past week, and it's the perfect color and style for autumn. 

There was also an "Oz Passport" from The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild. It's super cute and it has some great graphics/quotes inside of it and it's pocket-sized. While I love it, I probably won't use it. I like to collect cute notebooks, but don't want to ruin them with my terrible handwriting. 


Next was the Sleeping Beautify inspired bracelet by The Geeky Cauldron. This is probably my favorite item from the box despite the fact that I haven't worn it yet (I'm afraid I'm going to lose it). I can't wait to see what else this store has to offer!

The last item (not counting the book) was a giant bookmark by My Heart My Tribe which I don't think I will use. My husband and I experimented with it by inserting it in my brand new copy of Vassa in the Night and it was just an awkward fit. I felt like it would just damage the book in the long run because it's so large and thick. The idea is cute, though. 


And lastly, the book. Funny story, I actually received this book from the library then promptly returned it when I saw that this would be the featured book for this month's box. The hardcover comes with a signed bookplate, exclusive sticker, and a letter from Sarah Porter herself. Admittedly, I cannot read Sarah's handwriting for the life of me. My husband and I both managed to read two sentences before our eyes started crossing. I really liked the presentation of the book and that it came with such fun exclusive items. 

Next month's OwlCrate theme is Wonderland so my Sherlock genius tells me that a copy of Heartless will be featured, which kind of makes that box worthwhile. 

Since I'm fairly new to sub boxes, I'm still trying to decide how often I want to do this and which boxes I want to check out. Both Fairy Loot and YA Chronicles have piqued my curiosity, so I would love to hear from those who have received boxes from them previously. 

Overall, I am really happy with my first OwlCrate box and now want to buy all of the bookish things. 

Do you receive any subscription boxes? Which boxes do you like? 


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