Monday, December 19, 2016

Movies to get you in the Holiday Spirit

2016 has made it hard for me to get into the holiday spirit - and while 2016 has taken everything from us, I'm determined not to let it ruin the holidays for me. So here are my top holiday movies/shows to help me feel merry and bright!

My husband actually reintroduced me to this one about five years ago, and it's even more charming as an adult! It's impossible to be in a bad mood with the Kermit and gang and their infectious music!

I actually refused to watch this movie for some time because I found (actually no...still do) Will Ferrell to be obnoxious and juvenile. I watched this one with my class two years before Christmas break and I was surprised by how quickly I fell in love with it. It's so innocent and fun, and full of bright colors! 

When I was little, I had a Charlie Brown VHS set and It's Christmas time again, Charlie Brown was the movie that I fell in love with. It's one of the newer Charlie Brown specials (90's I believe) so it doesn't get a much recognition, but I watched it enough as a child that I can quote it all. 

Ugh, I just watched this one on Sunday and I still get choked up at the end. This is just a perfect film that makes me believe in humanity again. Something I think we all need this year. I still can't decide which story is my favorite. 

Rugrats was a such an important cartoon to me growing up because it understood the importance of representation. Especially in a time where it seems that marginalized people have to continuously fight for representation, I'm always astounded by cartoon shows that do it effortlessly and without complaint. I loved the meanie of Hanukkah because it shows both sides of Tommy's family and some important Jewish history. Plus who can forget the best line of all? 

This movie never ages, it's ridiculous. While we don't speak of the sequels, I can't find a single flaw in this fabulously 90s film. And it's not only because of Bernard. 

Ahh the holidays (starting with Halloween) don't truly begin until I watch my first Charlie Brown special of the year. There is something so special about these cartoons that always manages to tug at my heartstrings. Plus the soundtrack is bomb. 

What are your favorite movies/books/shows that get you excited for the holiday season?


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