Monday, March 20, 2017

Yogurt and Feminism: A Night with Roxane Gay

A few weeks ago, my friend Mia had an extra ticket to see Roxane Gay through the Women and Children First bookstore. I hadn't read anything by Roxane Gay, but I was curious because I had heard her name on twitter quite a bit, especially when she pulled from Simon and Schuster a few weeks back. From this event, I learned how witty, passionate, and just plain-talented Roxane Gay is. 
The event was at a local high school auditorium and there were probably 200 people squeezed in this room, all positive energy and excitement to hear Roxane speak. She opened the event by reading two essays from Difficult Women and taking a few questions from the audience. Roxane Gay answered every question with such respect and was not afraid of getting personal with her audience. I'm really curious to read her next novel, Hunger, which she said felt like exposing herself. Here are some fun things I learned from that night. 
  • She writes to help communicate that people belong everywhere. There is no "invading of spaces"
  • Roxane has been on the road since May of 2014
  • She does not regret pulling from Simon and Schuster
  • All of her novels start off as short stories

It was a great event and has persuaded me to add some of her collections to my TBR. 


Have you read anything by Roxane Gay? What do you recommend I start with first? 


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