Monday, April 17, 2017

An Evening with Laini Taylor

It finally happened. Strange the Dreamer is out in the world. I haven't read it yet because I suck at reading the books I buy, but I was fortunate enough to hear Laini speak at a local event/signing.
On Monday, April 3, Laini Taylor graced Chicagoland with her presence. I had run into her at BEA in 2016 and found her to be an absolute delight, so I was excited to hear her speak in a formal setting. My chauffeur/husband and I arrived about 45 minutes early and the bookstore was still packed. The day of the event, I actually called the bookstore to confirm that the signing hadn't changed locations because I could imagine Laini Taylor drawing a large crowd. And sure enough, she did. I think Anderson's was expecting around 50 people but there were definitely over 60 attendees that night, I was lucky I got a seat!

Local author, Laura Ruby of Bone Gap, moderated the panel and it felt much like two long-time friends discussing their craft instead of a question-and-answer session. Most of the discussion focused on the writing process which I found fascinating. I know that I could never write a book, so I love hearing about the blood, sweat, and tears, that authors pour into their books.
Laini Taylor was such a delight to hear speak and so friendly. I didn't plan well and didn't bring any of my Daughter of Smoke and Bone books to be signed but that's fine, I'm sure there will be another opportunity to lug about my collection.  

Fun facts I learned from the event: 
  • Strange the Dreamer was originally going to be one book
  • The original title was going to be Muse of Nightmares and was going to be Serai's story
  • Little, Brown Books didn't like the title (Strange the Dreamer)
  • Laini finished her first book at the age of 35
  • Laini wanted to explore the ability to get over trauma in Strange the Dreamer
  • Strange the Dreamer is a book without villains
  • No Daughter of Smoke and Bone movie in the works anymore
  • Laini's husband will be illustrating the 7th book
  • Laini used to be afraid to write dialogue
  • Laini wants to write Zuza and Mik's wedding
  • Laini never had beta readers (because she was past deadline for each book)
  • If Laini could have any superpower, it would be to stop time


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