Monday, April 24, 2017

What books made you a reader?

I think this has happened to all of us. We were voracious readers as children - read everything that our local libraries had and spent all of our money at the annual Scholastic book fairs. But somewhere along the lines, we stopped reading. High School made us read the classics, and college ate up all of our spare time. Where did we have time for reading?
In high school, I devoured romance novels! I actually had a mini #booksfortrade with some other classmates throughout senior year. It was great for me because they were typically shorter books so I still had time to read the lengthy prose of whatever A.P. English threw my way. I read Jude Deveraux, Julia Quinn, and several other historical fiction romances. 

But then university came and I stopped reading those too. Like I went months without reading a book that was strictly for me. Reading wasn't on my mind unless it was related to writing a paper, I thought my days as a reader were over. Can you imagine how sucky that would be? No thank you.

 It was through a coworker that I was introduced to the goddess known as Sherrilyn Kenyon. I swear, the Dark Hunters series brought me right back on track after years of only reading what my professor assigned me. It was a world I could lose myself in and the fandom was so creative with its fanart and contributions to the community. I think I devoured 10 of those books (there are sooo many books) in a month.

The Dark Hunters series was the perfect introduction to my glorious return to reading. It led me to seek out more Urban Fantasy novels (which were all the rage), which sneakily led me to discover YA (it was all of the vampire cross-over). And of course, when I started reading Young Adult books, I got my groove back. 

So I just wanted to take the time to really highlight the books and authors that helped me find my genre and remind me how much fun reading can be. Because honestly, reading made up a big part of my personality as a child, and I can't imagine going through day-to-day life without a book in my bag.

So thank you Sherrilyn Kenyon, you've made me the reader I am today! 

What books/authors helped you get your groove back? 


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