Monday, May 8, 2017

10 Signs You're Experiencing a Book Hangover


You've spent the better part of your week devouring a book and you've finally turned the last page. It's over? But it can't be over, there is so much more you want to know, so many more scenes you need to read. It just can't end! 

Sound familiar? You may be having a book hangover. 
A book hangover occurs when you've finished a book that's just so damn good that you don't know what to do with your life afterward. Food doesn't taste the same and no one understands the journey that you've been on. Book hangovers are not curable, as a person may experience multiple book hangovers in a year. Thankfully, these hangovers are typically short-term. Do you know the signs of a book hangover? Allow me to walk you through them. 

1. The book is in your literal dreams. You finished the book two days ago but you're still dreaming about the characters and the world. It's all fun and games until you wake up and realize that none of those things actually happened. Don't worry, this is completely normal. 

2. You google everything related to the book and its author. You now have a folder on your desktop filled with gifs and tumblr posts. This is your happy place. You've watched countless interviews with said author and have even considered making a Wikipedia page for the book (series). While borderline obsessive, this is the natural healing process. 

3. You want to tell EVERYONE about this amazing book! Your friends and family have stopped making eye contact with you because they know you will trap them in a conversation about cliffhangers and love triangles. They only nod and smile because they love you.

4. You change your desktop/cell background to something related to the book. While scrolling through all of those tumblr posts and twitter pages, you may have found some really good fan art or an inspiring quote. Don't want to have to leave the book at home? Throw some fanart on your wallpaper and breathe easy!

5. You compile a list of all your favorite quotes. If you find yourself going through GoodReads and favoriting all of the quotes related to the book, it may be time to take a step back and assess how you're feeling. But who am I to get between you and swoon-worthy quotes? 

6. You start a countdown for the next book. That's only if you're lucky and the author is blessing you with a second (or third/fourth/fifth) book. Luckily that next book comes out in only 386 days! No sequel? Well, you might find yourself on 

7. You start rereading the book. It doesn't matter that you finished the book earlier that day, you need to return to that world immediately! And who knows, maybe it'll even be better the second time around!

8. You can't read anything else. This is especially tricky if you have ARCs in your TBR, because usually, a book hangover makes it impossible for you to even look at other books. They'll never be as worthy as the precious book you just read. It's almost like no other book will make you happy. 

9. You try to find others who have read the book. Your family and friends are now full-on ignoring you but you have so many thoughts and theories swirling in your head. You open your DMs to anyone and everyone who will gush and squeal and speculate with you. 

10. You have multiple editions. You know, if the publishers didn't want you to buy multiple copies, they wouldn't include specials in different stores now would they? Plus you're supporting your new fave author so maybe s/he will write faster. Right? RIGHT? Ooo and are those new candles?!

Any of the above sound familiar? Well, I'm sorry to say that you have a book hangover my friend. I wish you a speedy recovery. 

What was the last book that gave you a book hangover? 


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