Monday, May 29, 2017

Authors I Would Want to Write My Life

I'm always jealous of those authors who can make writing and worldbuilding seem so effortless. They can pick up a pen (what year is this? They can sit at their computer) and just write the most beautiful prose. Sometimes I get in weird moods and wonder what my life would sound like coming from one of these story weavers.So let's check out who I think would make my life sound pretty cool!

Elizabeth May: May actually sparked this topic. While reading The Fallen Kingdom, I couldn't help but be amazed by her storytelling and character development. I would probably pay to read anything by her and I'd be interested to see what kind of romance she would churn out!

Leigh Bardugo: Bardugo would add a bit of danger to my life, which I'm all about. As long as all my friends as wisecrackers similar to Crooked Kingdom, I'd be a-okay. 

Neil Gaiman: I would want Gaiman to write my life and voice the audiobook version, the man is insanely talented! I was hesitant about Neil because he writes a lot of dark stuff but he balances it out with a bunch of cute children's books. That already sounds like my life. 

Jenny Han: I lowkey chose this because I'm hoping Han will give me the patience to bake delicious desserts. And okay, the swoon-worthy boys. 

Emma Chase: Emma Chase would direct my life as a comedy, it would be like living my favorite sitcom!

Roshani Chokshi: With Roshani behind the keyboard, my life would be full of magic and wonder, this would be as close to a Disney movie that I could get. 


I thought about adding Laini Taylor to this list but I don't trust her to give me a happy ending. 

So that's my list! What are some authors you would like to write your life? 


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