Monday, May 15, 2017

Saying Goodbye to Lara Jean: An Evening with Jenny Han

When I heard that To All the Boys I've Loved Before was getting an unexpected third novel, I was overjoyed. Imagine how I felt when I heard that Jenny Han was coming to town!
Jenny Han was joined with by Jennifer E. Smith who was touring for Windfall.  Since contemporary is not a genre I usually go to, I wasn't too familiar with her or her other novels, but it was still fun to learn from her journey of getting published (multiple times). Both Jenny and Jennifer were friends so their conversation was easy and a lot of fun, and I loved how many Asian teens were in the audience. Jenny Han was also just the sweetest and worked really hard to make a connection with each and every one of her readers which was very appreciated by everyone! Here are some fun tidbits I learned from the events: 
  • Jenny enjoys planning writing retreats (there must be a hot tub)
  • Always and Forever came about while Han was writing another project
  • Han writes her books chronologically and she doesn't outline
  • Kitty was inspired by Jenny's little sister
  • Jenny identifies as Lara Jean out of all the Song sisters
  • Always and Forever has a picture of Jenny on the cover
  • Most of the items on the cover of Always and Forever are from Jenny's own home (check out her cut-out of Leonardo Dicaprio from 15 years ago)
  • There is a picture of Lara Jean's mom on the cover
  • Jenny writes the 3 F's: Feasts, Frocks/fashion, and First love 

It was a great event and I'm so happy I was able to meet Jenny. I'm super afraid to read this final conclusion though!


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