Trying to Find Focus: July at a Glance

Oh man. July was such a cluster and I said over and over again that I can't remember what I did. 

I was looking through my google photos to figure out what I did this month and I honestly got nothing. Matt and I got into a minor car crash which really sucked. No one was hurt,  but it's just gonna cost money to get all the pieces fixed. Cars are expensive. 
July was mostly me mentally preparing myself for my work trips to D.C. and New York. I left on July 29 and it took a lot of brain power to prepare myself for that trip. Call me a baby, but this trip was the longest I had been away from home in a loong time.
Matt and I did go to the Art Institute which was fun. I hadn't been in years and I need to remedy that. I realize I need to go to a lot more local museums, especially on their free days. 

Something else that was exciting was that Matthew and I officially booked our Disney World trip!
We're going October 16 until the 24th. This will be my birthday present to myself as well as our last trip for a while. We thought that it was time to go to other places, but it's so hard to say no to Disney! Anywho, I can't wait!

Like I said, I mentally was not there in July, and I'm sure I said the same thing in June, but I did not feel as engaged when it came to blogging.l I was kind of just going through the motions. I'm happy that I participated in #24in48. Even though I didn't read for the full 24 hours, I did get some great reads in and was able to write some reviews before taking off to the East Coast. 

 I planned on reading 8 books this month and definitely surpassed that. Yay audiobooks!
My favorite read was The Upside of Unrequited and my least favorite read was Roar.

This month, I try to find normalcy in my life. I'm three books behind in my GR challenge because of my work trip and that is STRESSING ME OUT NOW. I also need to figure out how I'm going to tackle my TBR because fall is upon us and there are ARCs to read! I hope to read 10 books and read 4 ARCs. I'm also excited to start going back to Fire matches, it's been a while and I miss my boys!

What did you do in July?

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