Monday, October 2, 2017

Family Time and Vacation Planning: September at a Glance

Unsurprisingly, September went by in a blur which was kind of sad; September is one of my favorite months because it's when we finally get a reprieve from the summer heat and things start to slow down at work. 

Even though it flew by, A LOT happened in the past 30 days for me. Looking back, I spent a lot of time with family, which was fun, but then on the 'not so fun side' my grandma suffered a stroke which she amazingly bounced back from! She's got another week of physical therapy before she can go home, but it was such a surreal moment. You know those people who you think will live forever? That's my grandma. She's got ageless sass, wisdom, and spends 90% of her time worrying about others. If I could be just 50% of what she is, I'd be happy.

For the good times, I went to my first tailgating event for the Chicago Fire in late September. It was fun, and I'd love to do it again during the summer time. You know, when it's not 60 degrees. Since we're on the topic of soccer, the boys made it to the playoffs! That's the first time since 2012, and Matt and I are hoping to score some tickets to a playoff game. I don't think we'll make it far, but I'd love to see how far we can make it!

And then the most exciting news - Matt and I got our magic bands for our Disney trip in October! I'm still in shock that we're going and it's causing me a lot more stress than happiness right now. I think it'll finally become a reality once I get this pesky work event out of the way. We also got to pop over to the neighborhood Apple Fest, and while it is expanding, I feel like they have fewer and fewer apples. It's becoming more of a general festival with specialty food items and tons of alcohol but I honestly just want a place to buy my apple cider, apple donuts, and a bushel of apples. 

I wanted to read 12 books in September but only read 11. Whomp whomp. 
My favorite read of the month was A Poison Dark and Drowning
My least favorite reads of the month were:  The Ravenous and The Goblins of Bellwater 

Even though I was less busy in September that didn't mean that I had my shit together. Blogging was a hit or a miss, while I have reviews scheduled until mid-October, I sucked at being a creative blogger. I want to focus more on writing discussion posts, but I also need to knock all of the September/October reviews out of the way. Can you believe it's already time to start looking at 2018 releases? I am not ready. 

October, the most perfect month of the year. Why, you may ask. My birthday is October 10 (but will be overshadowed by a work event, blerg), Halloween is this month, AND I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD. This is supposedly our last trip to Disney for a while before we decide to go to other places and do some family planning. Being an adult is weird. Since it's going to be a fairly busy October, I'm aiming to read only 8 books this month. I also want to have 5 posts per week for the entire month. Let's hope I can stay focused!

What did you do in September? 
What do you hope to do in October? 


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