Monday, October 23, 2017

First Cover Who?

Last week, I featured original covers that went through unfortunate redesigns. To continue the cover conversation, I'll be featuring some redesigns that had me asking "first cover who"?

Anna and the French Kiss: Oh my God that first cover is sooo cringey! I honestly think that's why I never picked it up, I never liked seeing face models on book and it's just soo juvenile looking. The redesign is a MAJOR step up. 

Shadow and Bone: The first covers were badass but I gravitate toward the new covers more now. The colors work so well and I feel like they tell more of the story than the original covers did. 

Shatter Me: Show of hands, who had the first cover? I had an ARC of that copy for a while and boy, it's a hot mess. I don't understand what the model is doing; why is she wearing a flowing white dress? YA covers were tragic back then, weren't they? I still don't really understand the new design for Shatter Me, but I can handle staring at an eye rather than that power stance. 

Throne of Glass: I'm going to be real, both covers are tragic, but I feel like the redesign is at least a step in the right direction. The first cover just had so much going on; I'm happy I gave my copy away. 

The Diviners: Unpopular opinion here guys, I really like the new covers. It was clear from that start that the pub had no idea what to do with these covers - hence why each book had a different design - but I really like the redesign they seem to have agreed upon. It has an early nature to it and relates to the story. I'm probably going to rebuy this series so that they don't look tragic on my shelves (because they truly do with those cover changes). 

So what do you think? Any you agree with? And you disagree with? 
Any covers that you think look a lot better with the redesign? 


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