Friday, November 24, 2017

BFRaT: Music Challenge

How are you guys doing? We're more than halfway through the readathon and there have been super fun challenges along the way! I'm happy to present my challenge for Black Friday Readathon. 


Find a song that best describes your current read. 
You can reply to this post with your answer or post on social media (using the hashtag #BFRaT). 

The Prize

A $10 e-giftcard to Amazon! 
A winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, November 25. I will be contacting the winner via email or social media, so keep a lookout!

Amber's Pick

I'm currently reading The City of Brass (if you're a fantasy reader, pick this one up) and this was a bit hard for me! Since the book takes place around Egypt, I definitely wanted a song that was from the region, but none of the songs I picked out conveyed the complexity of the novel. So in the end, I chose Hanine's Nostalgia. I chose Nostalgia because I'm a sucker for violins and I found The City of Brass to focus a lot on nostalgia. Dara can't accept that the new djinn land is no longer under his ancestor's control and reminisces the city's hay day. Ali isn't fitting in with his new position serving his father the king and longs to return back to the citadel to be a hermit, And finally, poor Nahari was plucked from Egypt and brought to a djinn land where life just got a lot crazier. For me, all of them would love to return to a simpler time. 

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