Monday, November 13, 2017

Disney Dreams and Chilly Nights: October at a Glance

October was the month I was both anticipating and dreading. Check it out!

SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED IN OCTOBER, I have no idea how to keep this brief. My job had its annual international conference (conveniently located in Chicago) during my birthday week so my birthday was a lot of me running around, schmoozing, and being stressed. While it's not how I would typically spend my birthday, it was fun because I got a lot of recognition (and free drinks) from colleagues and business partners. AND THEN TRAGEDY STRUCK ON MY BIRTHDAY AND THE USMNT FAILED TO QUALIFY FOR THE WORLD CUP.

I can't even begin to describe how distraught I was. The work function I was at was conveniently at an Irish pub (so soccer was on all four screens) and that match HURT to watch. I think I silently cried to myself in my lyft home.Okay no more of these unpleasantries, let's move on to happiness! 
The week after my birthday, hubs and I packed our bags and took off for DISNEY WORLD. We agreed last year (after our trip to Disney in December) that we would return in October because 1) I ADORE Halloween, and 2) it would be my 29th birthday. 
And Disney during Halloweentime did not disappoint! My husband was upset that the Halloween decorations were only around Main St and not the only parks (like during Christmas) and I agree that it would have been cool to see the other parks take on some spooky decor as well. 
We had a blast at Disney, maybe because we knew it would be our last trip for a while, but this entire trip felt special. The Halloween party was fun, Happily Ever After had me in tears, and Avatar's Pandora was something out of this world! I'm also happy that I got to see Tracy @ Cornerfolds again! 

My hubs and I also had the opportunity to meet some of his family members who were in the Orlando area. Matt hasn't seen his dad's side of the family in over two decades so his dad arranged the meet-up for all of us. It was great meeting them and I'm happy that Matt has a better connection with that part of his life. 

9 days later we left Disney and returned to reality and that was hard - I think we're still struggling with that. To wrap up the month, we went to a friend's Halloween party and also got ot attend our friend Mia's book reading event at my favorite bookstore - The Book Cellar. 
So in short - October was fantastic (except for soccer, October sucked for soccer). 

I don't know what witchcraft I practiced, but I had content scheduled for most of October, I feel that I get more energized about blogging and scheduling toward the end of the month - which is good because I'm trash toward the middle of each month. I still suck at commenting on blogs, and I know it. I'm going to try to catch up some more in November (since I have a few days off) but I can't make any promises!

My favorite read was The Last Namsara (FIVE FRICKIN' STARS) and my least favorite read was The Hollow Girl (2 stars).

Well it's halfway through November so I clearly dropped the ball on this one. For the rest of the
 month, I really hope to step up my reading because I will NOT fail my GR Challenge this year (I'm two books behind and it's stressing me out). As I said above, I'll also be commenting on blogs in my spare time (of course, this is assuming I have spare time). I hope to read 11 books this month as well (because I'm ambitious).

I'm also hosting Friendsgiving (this weekend) that I'm preparing for and I'm super excited, because I think that is when it'll start feeling like the holiday season for me. 

Speaking of holiday season, Black Friday Readathon is back! If you're interested in getting some major reading in on Black Friday aka Friday, November 24. Check out the sign-up post!

How was your October? 
What plans do you have for November?  


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