Thursday, December 14, 2017

Book Review: The Winter King

Title: The Winter King (Weathermages of Mystral #1)
Author: C.L. Wilson
Genre: New Adult | Fantasy | Romance | Adventure | Magic
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: July 29, 2014
Source: Library
Format: Physical

After three long years of war, starkly handsome Wynter Atrialan will have his vengeance on Summerlea's king by taking one of the man's beautiful, beloved daughters as his bride. But though peace is finally at hand, Wynter's battle with the Ice Heart, the dread power he embraced to avenge his brother's death, rages on.
Khamsin Coruscate, Princess of Summerlea and summoner of Storms, has spent her life exiled to the shadows of her father's palace. Reviled by her father, marriage to Wintercraig's icy king was supposed to be a terrible punishment, but instead offers Kham her first taste of freedom—and her first taste of overwhelming passion.
As fierce, indomitable Wynter weathers even Khamsin's wildest storms, surprising her with a tenderness she never expected, Kham wants more than Wynter's passion—she yearns for his love. But the power of the Ice Heart is growing, dangerous forces are gathering, and a devastating betrayal puts Khamsin and Wynter to the ultimate test (goodreads)

Pay no mind to the cover.
Plot: I picked The Winter King up as a recommendation from a fellow book blogger and I'm happy I was able to look past the dated cover (THIS BOOK CAME OUT IN 2014, THERE IS NO REASON FOR THIS COVER) and enjoy the romantic adventure. 

Kahmsin, or Storm, was seen as a burden by her father who found a convenient opportunity to marry her off to enemy king, Wynter. One of my most favorite tropes is "enemies to lovers" and The Winter King was chock full of that! This book was very unique because while it was heavy on the romance (as you would expect), there was a good balance of adventure and political intrigue. I enjoyed the weather magic and the open opportunities Wilson left for future books. I will say this, this book is very heavy on the romance. And by romance, I mean sex. I had issue with how sex was used to gloss over actual problems Kham and Wynter had. Many of times, the couple would argue and slowly tell the other about his/her pent up rage, just to have that communication undone by a fumble in the bedroom. Nothing was every resolved and it bugged me, a lot.  

Characters: The Winter King was told in the third person perspective limited to Kham and Wynter. From the two perspectives, I enjoyed Kham's the most. She was the outsider in a foreign land and nothing she did would endear her to her new countrymen. She had a nasty temper that also materialized as storms (hence her nickname of 'Storm') which made her relationship with Wynter all the more interesting. Wynter was the brooding king that I wanted with a twist. I really liked seeing the two of the warm up to each other and learn how to control their own magic. 

Worldbuilding: Wilson must really love this world because she laid it out perfectly, albeit in over 500 pages, but there wasn't anything I would remove. The idea of controlling the weather and having countries bound to seasons really interested me and I can't wait to see how Wilson can expand this world in upcoming books. 

Short N Sweet: The Winter King was just what the doctored ordered; if you're a fan of romance and fantasy, be sure to give this one a chance. 


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