Monday, December 11, 2017

How do you find new book bloggers?

If you're like me, you always want to expand your circle: find new blogs to follow and bloggers to talk about books with. But sometimes it can be hard, we get stuck in our current circle of bloggers and don't have time to blog hop. Even if you did have time to blog hop, where would you start? Today, I'd like to share some of my tips to find new bloggers and I would love to hear how you all do it!
Go through my social media follows. I'm super active on my twitter (and somewhat active on instagram) so every now and then I make an effort to go through my recent follows and visit blogs. I think we all tend to chat with book lovers on various social media channels without knowing the extent of their online presence, so I always make an attempt to visit people's blog or instagram at least once. 

Participate in readathons. I always do waay too much when it comes to readathons. I know the sole purpose of readathons is to read books (because, duh), but I like skimming the hashtags and meeting new people through those channels. I remember that was my favorite aspect of Bout of Books: how much the readathon encouraged community and blog discovery. 

Creep the comment list of blogs I currently follow. Chances are if you cool with people I'm cool with, we'll be cool (does that make sense? Cool). Usually when I have time to go through my friend's list via Bloglovin', I look to see who else is commenting. From there, I right-click on a bunch of names and visit new blogs throughout the day. This has probably been most effective for me when it comes to finding new bloggers. 

Hang out in twitter chats. I used to live for twitter chats, but now I find that I hardly have the time to stay for half of the chat. When I'm lucky and able to attend a chat, I love talking to old friends and having the opportunity to meet new people. Typically the hosts will even collect a list of bloggers who participated in the chat for blog hopping convenience as well. Some chats I love are #BBTC and #BHPChat. 

Find reviews for books I love (or hate). Whenever I have a strong reaction to a book (either love or hate), I like to find other blogs that validate my feelings. Typically I go to GoodReads and scroll through reviews, and those that I resonate with, I'll give the review a 'like' and right-click the reviewer name so I can blog hop throughout the day. 

Well, those are the five ways that I rely on to find new book bloggers; how do you do it? 


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