Monday, January 29, 2018

Dystopian Futures and New Opportunities: An Evening with Neal Shusterman

Earlier this week, Neal Shusterman made a stop at Anderson's to promote his new release, Thunderhead. Since the event took place at the smallest Anderson's Bookshop, I assumed it would be a smaller event - boy was I wrong. 
The Neal Shusterman event was packed and I was impressed by how diverse the group was. I learned very quickly that Neal Shusterman was a household name for most readers and I need to read some of his other series. 

At the event, Shusterman talked about his inspiration for the Scythe series, did a few readings, and answered some audience questions. It was really interesting to hear from Shusterman because he was writing dystopia before YA Dystopia became a genre. Here are some highlights from the night: 

  • The third book in the Scythe series is called Toll
  • A recurring theme that Shusterman explores is "does the end justify the means?"
  • Shusterman makes sure that men and women have equal presence in his books
  • Universal has film rights for Scythe and Shusterman was to narrate the Thunderhead
  • If Shusterman were a Scythe, his robes would be acid washed denim
  • There is religion in Scythe because people have lost fear
  • Shusterman finished another book with his son, Jared. It is called Dry and it explores what would happen if a society lost water (i.e.: Capetown, South Africa)
  • His last favorite read was Bone Gap

It was a great night and I loved hearing from Shusterman! Have you read anything by Neal Shusterman? I can't wait to start Thunderhead!


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