Monday, January 8, 2018

Holidays in the City: December at a Glance

Overall, December was a good end to 2017!

Now that we're a few days into January, all of December seems like a blur. Of course, Christmas was
a large part of it. Matt and I went to downtown Chicago (for the first time in ages) to go check out the holiday activities. We stopped by the Walnut Room (in Macy's) because that's where we got engaged. We also stumbled upon a Christmas choir which really helped me get into the holiday spirit.
I do know one thing, I drank a lotttt of hot chocolate and I have no shame in that. 

Christmas Day came around and it was a bit bittersweet. I'm always someone who enjoys the lead up to Christmas over the actual day, but besides that, all three of my grandma's (including in-law) haven't been doing too well and on top of that there was some unnecessary family drama. But in the end, it was a good day full of family and eating way too much. 
Matt and I closed out the month by watching almost all of the Parks and Rec episodes. We actually just finished watching the last season a few days ago and I'm ready to rewatch it all over again. 

Since I had roughly a week off from work, I was able to stay on top of blogging AND read some January ARCs. Holler. I also bought my 2018 bujo which helped me stay on track. It's really pretty and I'm happy with it so far, maybe I'll do a highlight on how I use my bujo one of these days. 

I read 13 books in December! Like I said, I had a week off from work so I got to squeeze in a lot of reads, but audiobooks were a life-saver as well. My favorite read of the month was The Cruel Prince and A Gathering of Shadows (4.5 stars). My least favorite read was Between the Blade and the Heart (2 stars). 

I'm going to keep it pretty chill this month. I don't have that many ARCs lined up and even though I upped my GoodReads challenge to 140, I'm thinking about taking advantage of audiobooks a lot more. I've also been on a romance kick, and it feels good. 

Anywho, I want to read 13 books this month and I also hope to go see Neal Shusterman at an event this month because I am EXCITED for Thunderhead!

How was your December?
Have you read any of my December reads? 
How many books do you plan on reading in January? 


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