Monday, February 12, 2018

Tropes I'm Trash For

Happy Valentine's Day Week! I love talking about all the things I love about books and the blogging community. Today, I figured I would share the romance tropes that get me every time!
Slow burn: These are my go-to romances! If I see any combination of those words in relation to the romance, I will pick it up with no question, hell sometimes I won't even read the synopsis. I'm a sucker for sexual tension/chemistry, and I'm the sadist who enjoys seeing two characters come together and slowly realize that they can't live without the other. 

Hate-to-love: I'm the weirdo who doesn't like already established relationships when I read books, I want to go through the emotions with my characters and there isn't a more fun trope than hate-to-love! They always say that there is a fine line between love and hate, and I just flail when I see characters explore the full spectrum of emotions. 

Fake dating: I LOVEEE when couples think they're one step ahead of everyone else by agreeing to fake date. Something always comes up (an ex usually) to make emotions come to light. I also love the awkward confrontation when the rest of the characters find out the supposed couple has been deceiving them. But then they get married anyway and everyone is happy!

Undercover Royalty: I know featuring royalty in books (especially YA) is overdone, but I can't help it, I am trash for it! I especially love when a prince or princess has to hide his/her identity and put their trust with an unsuspecting character. This is probably related to why I love the fake-dating trope; I love when there is a big reveal that makes both characters really question their future. 

Star-crossed lovers: This is my absolute favorite romance trope, this is probably because of all the Disney movies I watched when I was younger. I just adore the idea of two people who were expected to follow a specific destiny, but then they meet and everything changes. I LOVE IT. 

Opposites Attract: This trope is usually inside other tropes, but again, I love the sexual tension that's usually coupled with witty banter! As a character-driven reader, I'd rather explore the turmoil of two characters who shouldn't have anything in common but have an undeniable attraction to each other. 

So those are my favorite/go-to romance tropes, but what about you?
What are your favorite tropes?
Do you have any book recommendations for my favorite tropes? 


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