Monday, March 19, 2018

Blogger Confessions

A few months ago, my boss moved from an apartment she had for over ten years. When it came time to move, she took a few pictures of the moving process and posted them on instagram. The next day at work we commented how good the place looked. She thanked us and said that the photos she posted were only a corner of the new apartment, the rest of the place was full of boxes and random chaos. 

Isn't it funny how we hand-select what we want the internet to see? That's definitely true for my social media channels, and I think it's common in blog culture as well. We want to highlight our book hauls and rave about all of our 5-star reads; it's only very rarely that we feel comfortable enough to tell the world how we really feel because the internet is unforgiving. So over the past year, I've been writing down some of my blogger confessions and want to share them with you. 

Are you ready? 

  • When I was a wee book blogger, I downloaded illegal ARCs.
  • Most of the books I read are because of the hype.
  • I never know what to say to authors when I meet them. I feel lame and just smile stupidly while they sign my book. 
  • I'm afraid I'll lose followers /views if I don't review popular/hyped books.
  • I actually really don't like shopping at Barnes and Noble, but I will always go in to browse shelves. 
  • I pick up books because of the cover, most times I'll skim the synopsis and just look for my buzzwords. 
  • I've never read John Green (and have no desire to do so). 
  • I find bookstagram to be extremely exhausting, I don't have the creativity for it. 
  • I really don't like having ARCs on my shelves, that's why I do so many twitter giveaways. 
  • Along the lines of my above confession, I have no idea how #booksfortrade works and don't have the patience to try. 
  • I'm extremely selective about the books I buy, like one book per month if I'm lucky.
  • I don't feel creative enough for this community, people are badass at fanart, creating their own graphics, and even opening their own etsy shops. I can't do anything. 
  • It honestly takes me over a year to read the books on my shelves, the hype for me immediately dies once I own it. 
  • I love how much the book community has expanded, but I'll take blogging over anything else any day of the week. 
  • I don't know how to walk up to bloggers when I see them in the wild. Someone make me less awkward. 
  • I don't understand all of the Sarah J Maas hate. Like I get it, she's not that great, but people waste a lot of damn time hating her. Go find another hobby. 
  • I like to tell "IRL" people about my blog, but I don't like giving them my website. I don't want them seeing my writing!
  • Being in the book community can be insanely expensive and I don't have that kind of money (hello local library). 
  • I get major ARC envy even though I tell myself that I don't.
So that's it. Those are some of the thoughts I've been holding on to but only tell people during DM rants. Man, that felt good. Maybe I'll make this into a series. 

Do any of these resonate with you? 
Do you have any blogger-related confessions you want to get off your chest? LAY IT ON ME. 


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