Monday, April 9, 2018

Bookstore Spotlight: Women and Children First

National Independent Bookstore day really made me realize how many awesome indies I have around me; there is just something special about going to a bookstore that has its own personality. I will be highlighting an indie bookstore that I come across and would love to learn more about your indies as well! Without further ado, I introduce you to...

Women and Children First is located in Andersonville on the north side of Chicago. The neighborhood is known for its Swedish roots and lesbian population, so needless to say, it's a pretty hip area! Women and Children First opened in 1979 and strives to provide feminist-focused lit with an impressive kidlit/storytime section. From a quick glance, they also had a lot of books by black women as well which was empowering to see.


I've only been to the physical storefront once in my life but I've been to a few of their off-site author events and have heard their name a lot. Whenever I heard the name, I would have instant flashbacks to Portlandia's Women and Women First bookstore. 

I ventured to Women and Children First in February of 2018 for an author event with Gloria Chao and Samira Ahmed (both Chicago authors) and I allowed myself some time to browse and it's a really cute store! Being a Chicago indie, there is, of course, a section that highlights Chicago authors and works that feature Chicago. There was also a large section of LGBTQiA+ books, both in the adult section and Young Adult section. I think what sets Women and Children First apart from all other local indies is how it emphasizes the importance of showcasing marginalized voices and providing resources to Chicago youth. 

Women and Children First is pretty good at making you spend all of your money because they have fun bookish merchandise like tote bags, mugs, and my personal favorite, candles. I honestly could have spent hours perusing those shelves and checking out cool knick-knacks. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Women and Children First and will definitely be stopping by again, either for an author event or to support such a great organization!

Have you been to Women and Children First in Chicago?
Do you have any local indies that raise marginalized voices? 
What is a piece of \bookish merch that is your absolute kryptonite? 


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