Monday, May 21, 2018

When covers don't make any sense

I'll happily admit that the reason why I research a book is because the cover tells an interesting story. There have been a few times when I've been fooled by the cover. You know, when the cover shows two swords clashing and it's really a young adult contemporary novel? Okay maybe not that extreme, but you know what I mean. Here are some covers that led me astray. 

  • I absolutely adored The Disappearances but that cover doesn't do it any justice. For me, that cover screams "haunted house and ghosts" not a charming small-town mystery with lost memories. Still, I can't say I would want a cover change for it. 
  • Alive confused me sooo much. That cover seems better suited for a psychological thriller and I wasn't prepared for the amount of sci-fi in Alive.
  • Daughter of Deep Silence is a damn lie! Tell me that cover doesn't look like some Victorian young adult novel. TELL ME IT DOESN'T. Instead, we get a (bland) modern day story of revenge.  

  • Unspoken was such a pleasant surprise for me because made me think it would be a sweet middle grade. Instead, Unspoken was dark af. I will admit, I prefer the cutesy cover over the boring urban fantasy cover. 
  • I was drawn to How to Hang a Witch because of the appeal of Salem witches. The cover looks like New England mystery and the book definitely did not have the tone. How to Hang a Witch was surprisingly light and even a bit juvenile. That was not what I was expecting.
  • Full disclosure, I adore the original two covers of Labyrinth Lost but this new cover change is just...bafflng. This almost looks like the original Diviners (which didn't do that series any justice either). I feel like if I were to see this in the bookstore, I would assume that this was about some alchemy storyline or something. I wouldn't assume teenaged brujas in New York City!

  • Am I wrong or does the cover to The Storyspinner look like a gender-swapped retelling of Robin Hood? I would love to see this cover to get an update, something that properly depicts magic and family acrobats! 
  • The Dark Days Club gives me Victorian mystery vibes. I love this cover and I love this book, but I don't think that the two were meant for each other (although I think I prefer this one over the new covers too). 
  • I guess Half Bad's cover works if you think about blood as a DNA factor, but blood on a cover always means murder or viruses to me. Whenever I see this cover, I immediately think about parasites that get in people's bloodstream and make them eat people. I'm talking about zombies. This book should be about zombies.

Do you agree with any of my choices? 
Do you disagree with any of my choices? 
What are some covers that lied to your face?


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