Monday, July 2, 2018

New cities and new challenges: June at a glance

My June was filled with author visits, delicious food, and hot weather. 

So much happened in June and I can barely remember any of it. Typical. I went to two author events in early June which were fun. I also dragged two of my old colleagues to two separate Chicago Fire matches so I consider that a successful conversion. Just letting you all know, if you visit me in Chicago, we're going to watch soccer at some point. It's just going to happen.

June was also the month of the World Cup which meant I got to scream at a TV screen for an average of 3 hours per day. My neighbors probably hate me at this point, but they can deal, there are only two more weeks of this. I'm really hoping that France goes all the way, #FRAARG was probably the best match I've seen all tournament. And why yes, I am still bitter about the U.S. not making it into the World Cup this year. 2022 is our year dammit!

Late June marked ALA Annual and boy oh boy, that is one exhausting week. I arrived on a Thursday which was pretty chill because nothing was really happening except setting up so I had some time to walk around and get used to the (humid) weather and layout. I'm also super happy that I got to hang out with Karen (For What it's Worth Reviews) and her husband. When Friday hit, everyone was go-go-go and I was tireeeeeddded. Also may have forgotten to eat. I am super happy that I got a few hours on the conference floor, although I barely picked up any ARCs and that was a-okay with me. What was the best was getting to see blogging friends like Karen, Wendy, Mary, Jessica, Holly, Shannon, Tracy, and Christina! It was good seeing you boos! Oh! I also went to Michelle Obama's opening session and I was borderline tears the entire time. That woman is a godsend and my new life coach.

Matt and some friends drove down from Chicago so I got some time after the conference to do some touristy things. We wandered to Bourbon Street and were scared so we ran away. We ate a lot of seafood, went on a swamp tour, and explored St. Louis Cemetary Number 1. I'm definitely coming back to New Orleans sooner than later. Just not in June. Maybe a nice February trip?  I'm also not doing the 14-hour drive ever again.

I did a pretty good job of keeping up with blogging up until the week before ALA and then it all went to hell. I'm pretty on top of ARCs at the moment but definitely did not meet my goal of reading 12 books. I also couldn't imagine writing blog posts so close to ALA Annual so I took a bit of a break. And can I just say, that was heavenly. I need to start taking blogging breaks like quarterly. I was always one of those people who didn't like going on breaks, I believed in powering through. BUT HOW WRONG I WAS. I wrote two blog posts on Sunday and was actually happy to crank out reviews! So yeah, much needed blogging break. Although I missed interacting with all of you! You can expect me to start making up for it!

I only read nine books, but it was a pretty good reading month! My lowest-rated books were only 3 stars which I consider a success!

My favorite books of the month were The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and The Mermaid (4.5 stars).

My least favorite reads of the month were Twelve and Grace and Fury (3 stars). 

July is going to be me just getting my life together. I hope to get a head start on my August ARCs as well as just do some more reading in general. hope to read at least 12 books and power through my stack of library books which I'm sure are done fairly soon. 

This month I'll also go see The Incredibles 2, drive up to RenFaire, and cry my way through the rest of the World Cup. This is a Team France and Team Brazil household. 

Did you go to ALA? What was your favorite haul item? 
Have you been to NOLA? What would you recommend to do/eat? 
Are you watching the World Cup? Did you cry when Denmark lost? No? Just me. Cool. 
Got any cool events happening this July? 


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